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2056: Looking Backward from a Trump Future

The four decades since 2016 have seen a breathtaking restoration of the Republic of the United States of America.  Looking back from 2056, the historians and pundits say it was inevitable.

The United States had enormous energy resources, an educated and ethical workforce, a history of entrepreneurial spirit. The fruits of the digital industrial age, genome processing, and robotic development were on the edge of explosion. The resurgence back from the malaise and blame America thinking of the Obama administration was certain to happen, with a wealthy, prosperous, powerful and free America the obvious result.

It wasn't that way. I was there. To use an anachronism, "America was going down".  The Clinton crime machine was expected to take over the country.  The establishment media were in their pocket.  The Department of Justice was on their side.  All the "smart' people wrote that Hillary Clinton would be the next president... and that she deserved it. The American reformation would have been strangled before it ever started, with a rope woven of political correctness, fake climate change dogma, Clinton corruption, immigrant demographics and massive media collusion with the Clinton machine.

A miracle happened to change all of that.  They say that great men are made, that they rise to the occasion. That happened in the first American revolution.

George Washington was rich.  He risked it all. George Washington was not as political as he was military. After the revolution was won, Washington wanted to tend to his own affairs, but was forced by events to take the Presidency.

George Washington is often referred to as America's Cincinnatus.  Cincinnatus was the Roman general who was called from his estate to fight for Rome.  He won the war. Then he refused to rule Rome as dictator, and went back to his farm and estate.

Donald Trump became the second American Cincinnatus.  He wasn't a politician. But he could not stand by and see the country destroyed. He risked it all to go against the corrupt establishment.  As with many great men, he grew with the fight.  He became the indispensable man of his time. Without Trump, the Clinton crime machine would have won, or, less likely, a watered down version in Republican clothes would have taken their place. With no real reforms, the inevitable decline would, at most, have been delayed a few years until sufficient immigrants had overwhelmed the election process.

Donald Trump had unique personality traits that allowed the bloodless revolution against the corrupt American Aristocracy to succeed.

First, he was willing to fight.  Because he was not a politician, he did not know that fighting by Republicans was "not allowed" under the rules of political correctness.  In the prosperous and free 2050's, it is hard to imagine how tightly censored American thought was in the 2010's.  Conservatives were not allowed to speak on campus.  Social Justice Warriors infested the Net and destroyed peoples' lives on mere suspicion of the "miss-use" of forbidden political speech.  Constitutionalists were defined as proto-terrorists.

Second, Trump was a known performer, entrepreneur, writer and celebrity with a base of admirers. That base, on new social media, allowed his thoughts to evade and escape the control of establishment media censorship.

Third, Trump had always been a solid supporter of the military and police. The Obama administration and the Clintons made a grave strategic error by despising the military.  In the two years before the 2016 election, the propaganda against the police was non-stop.

Trump's willingness to fight, his stand against illegal immigration, and his media presence are what won the Republican nomination.  In the general election the entire American Aristocracy, including the establishment media, the Republican leadership, the government bureaucratic leadership, and the Democrat party, were allied against him.  They claimed he could not win.

The new media on the Internet and talk radio made it a fight. Trump could get his message of an American restoration (Make America Great Again), to half the population. His message resonated with Americans who had learned to distrust the corrupt media.

James O'Keefe and Project Veritas released video on Youtube showing the Democratic party and the Clintons using dirty, illegal tricks and plotting voter fraud. Wikileaks released emails hacked from the Clinton machine. The media responded with an all out attack on Trump's character.  They almost succeeded.

Link to Video with Julian Assange of Wikileaks

The balance was tipped by a patriotic and eclectic group of police and federal law enforcement officers, centered in the FBI and the NYPD.  In the following years, thousands of agents and officers claimed to have been involved.  We may never know the numbers for certain.  It appears that less than a hundred were the core group. They understood that the Clinton crime machine and its tentacles had already compromised many in the top levels of government. They had witnessed how the compromised DOJ had been politicized and used to cover-up high level corruption.

What could they do?  The Fast and Furious scandal showed how little whistle blowers were protected, and how effectively the establishment media was able to spin, deflect, and spike any revelations of misconduct. There had been no punishment for the politicization of the IRS. The lack of punishment showed the essential impotency of the Republican House and Senate.

Donald Trump became these law officers' last chance to save the Republic. The American Republic was set up to facilitate the bloodless transfer of power. The officers could not act while President Obama was in office.  Their careers would have been destroyed to no effect. If they waited until Hillary was elected, their situation would have been worse.  If any other Republican were elected, the unwritten rules of the American Aristocracy would prevent them from doing anything effective. The Republican would simply be another face of a corrupt establishment.

Trump offered a revolutionary chance. There was a narrow window of opportunity to stop the Clinton campaign. Expose the Clinton corruption, allow truth to elect an outsider, and the corruption could be rooted out under a Trump administration that had promised to "Drain the Swamp" in Washington, D.C.

Trump had a record as a reliable supporter of the military and police. His reputation stood in stark contrast to that of President Obama and the Clintons.

A different Democrat might have beaten Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton was uniquely vulnerable to being exposed as corrupt.

Any other Republican but Donald Trump would not have offered the radical change necessary to alter the course of the nation. The candidate had to be someone who could destroy the corrupt media stranglehold on information flow.

The Clinton - Trump contest offered the knife edge chance of a reformation of the American political system.

The patriots acted.  It may be they who were responsible for the transfer of data to Wikileaks. The historical record is unclear.  The Wikileaks data set the table for the later, critical revelations.  The establishment media did their best to ignore the evidence. They concentrated on pushing emotional, unsubstantiated attacks against Donald Trump.

The idea that 95% of establishment media coverage was directed against Donald Trump seems preposterous today.  It was known at the time,and has been confirmed by numerous academic, historical studies. 

FBI Director Comey had followed the obvious desires of the Obama administration, and declared that the investigation by the FBI of the Hillary Clinton email scandal was over, with no indictment, in early July of 2016.  The entire establishment media and American Aristocracy cheered and declared that Hillary Clinton was "cleared". By early October, the American Aristocracy were declaring that Hillary Clinton had already won.  The three debates were a draw.

Then, Project Veritas videos and Wikileaks releases stopped the Clinton campaign momentum.

Donald Trump continued to campaign with enthusiasm, energy, and constantly improving discipline and message. You could see him grow into his role from day to day. He fought against the frivolous character attacks. He started to close the gap shown in increasingly distrusted voter polls.

At eleven days before the election, the patriot agents and officers decided the time was right.  FBI director Comey was forced to announce the investigations of the Clintons had been re-opened.  The establishment media could not ignore the FBI director. They had lionized him scant months before, so the attacks on his character rang hollow.

Huma Abedin, Hillary's right hand woman, her most trusted confidant, aide, and constant companion for over 20 years, was implicated.  She and Hillary were separated.  The Hillary campaign began to falter.  A few Democrats called for Hillary Clinton to step down.  The Hillary Campaign staffers did not know who to trust, who might be turning states evidence, or who was cutting a deal. The Clintons' most loyal media operatives had been exposed in the Wikileaks data. The campaign could not control the narrative.

Allegations and evidence of widespread crimes in the Clinton campaign, Clinton Foundation, and Clinton's term as Secretary of State mounted daily.  Attempts by President Obama to deny the obvious were futile.

Donald Trump won in a landslide.  His coattails increased the majorities in both the House and the Senate. He showed Republicans how to overcome the establishment media that had controlled the debate for decades.

Obamacare was repealed and replaced with market based reforms and Health Saving Accounts.  The Great Southern Wall was built. In two decades, the United States had assimilated most legal immigrants. Half became reliable conservatives. Twenty five percent of black voters became Republican.

The biggest effect was on the Supreme Court.  In President Trump's two terms, three young "Justice Scalias" were confirmed, giving originalist justices a solid 6-3 majority, the first originalist majority since the 1930's. President Pence appointed three more.

Following President Trump's appointments, the Second Amendment became fully enforced.  Affirmative action was struck down as being unequal justice under the law.  The voting rights act was reformed to insure the integrity of the vote.  "Gay Marriage" was reversed.  Religious freedom under First Amendment decisions led to a restoration of freedom of association.  The unconstitutional power of the EPA was overturned. The reach of the Federal government's power under "interstate commerce" was reduced.  The freedom of political speech in church was restored.

A radical reduction of federal regulations, and tax reforms, spurred a plethora of innovative production.  The economy boomed as overseas capital flooded into a United States that was business friendly and safe.

It took 30 years to overcome the debt accumulated during the spending spree of the Obama regime, but the buy down was manageable in a rapidly expanding economy.

Europe, with the leadership of the United States, reformed NATO to contain the Islamic threat.  The danger of a nuclear Iran was mitigated as the Ayatollahs were overthrown by a popular revolt.  The launch of a single nuclear missile toward Israel was detonated in mid flight. Mounting Islamic terrorism resulted in nation after European nation outlawing Sharia Law as an ideology incompatible with human rights.  Muslim "refugees" who would not denounce Sharia law were repatriated to North Africa or the Middle East.

It seems so inevitable in hindsight, with the United States as the sole superpower, leading the world in a pax Americana.  Three profitable private space travel companies offer trips to orbital hotels.  There is a base on the moon.  Crime levels have dropped to those of the 1950's. Alzheimer's is becoming rare.  There is a burgeoning world wide renewal of churches.  American prosperity has increased as has the standard of living all over the globe.

In the fall of 2016, with the pivotal election approaching, it did not seem inevitable.  Patriots altered between the edge of despair, and hope.  The end of the Republic seemed very, very close, teetering toward banana republic status.  Trump support was strong, but of unknown quantity. The legendary "deplorables" worked hard. Would it be enough? The tension was stark.

Wikileaks and Project Veritas, bolstered by the small group of patriots and freedom fighters in the FBI and the NYPD, tipped the balance.

It was not an historical inevitability.  It was an historical pivot that was far, far too close for comfort.  We owe our prosperity, freedom, and power to the patriots that supported, defended, and ultimately, elected Donald Trump.  He was a man for his time.

©2016 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice is included.

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Anonymous said...

I think you left out one group, the armed patriots ready to restore the constitution if Trump did not win. the honest hard working Americans that will support honorable law enforcement and the rule of law. You remember us the deplorables. the ones that Believe in God, Truth and the real American way. Which of the earlier presidents was it that said we have room for all of the 100% Americans that are and not a square inch for anyone that is not? well it was something like that. every fit nation has a border and the people inside that border have the right to declare who gets in and who must leave. this nation was dedicated to the God of the Christian religion, not some turban wearing pedophile. Ancient city states had walls for protection for the same reasons we need them now. friendly tourists were always welcome to visit. trouble makers were thrown over the walls dead. the second amendment is the right to self protection for the individual or the nation. trouble makers never get a permit why should the good people need one.