Friday, November 04, 2016

OH: 88-year-old man uses Coffee Table Gun to Shoot Home Invader


An 88-year-old man had just finished washing his car in the front yard of his Lindenwald residence Tuesday night when a man and a woman cornered him, demanded money and forced him into the house.

But the senior citizen was able to get his hands on a gun in the drawer of a coffee table and shoot the male robber in the leg.
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Anonymous said...

Good thinking.

EVERYONE who believes in proper self-defense should have weapons stashed/hidden in several locations around their home/property. Only YOU should know where these locations are. Suggested places include, but should not be limited to:

1. On your person (concealed or open-carry)
2. Bedroom/Mattress (a no-brainer; should be able to reach while laying in bed)
3. Toilet/Outhouse (break-ins can occur while you're on the can!)
4. Doors (within reach when answering a caller at an outside door)
5. Living Room: Sofa / Easy-Chair / Recliner
6. Kitchen
7. Basement
8. Computer/Office (magnetic under-desk holders are GREAT for this application)
9. Garage/Workshop
[... your suggestions here ...]

Of course, always be mindful of your own children, or children that could visit these places.