Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Voting in Yuma Arizona November 8th, 2016

I voted early today.  Usually a vote a couple of hours later, but a little after 7:00, I was in line, waiting to vote.

I thought the number of people voting might be sparse, so I asked Esther, an election worker for 13 years, how the turnout was.

She said: "This is amazing. Usually at this time, it is me and the birds in the parking lot!"

She said the voting had been steady, at much higher levels than she was used to. 

I did a little totally unscientific exit polling. I asked the couple behind me in the picture if they had voted for Hillary or Trump.  They emphatically said "Trump!"

It is not surprising.  Arizona is a Conservative state, and Yuma is a conservative part of Arizona. 

People say this is the most important election ever.  I think the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980, and Dubya Bush in 2000, were equally significant.  Without Reagan we would not have won the Cold War, and the push for English style gun control would not have been stymied.  Without President Bush, Al Gore would have destroyed the economy with insane EPA regulations, and the irrational "Assault Weapons" ban would have been enhanced and renewed.

A president Trump offers a welcome rollback of government power, and a chance to build a Supreme Court majority that actually respects the Constitution, and especially the Second Amendment.

A president Hillary will take us to depths of corruption never seen before.  Her inept foreign policy will further weaken our sovereignty and confuse our allies.  Her Supreme Court picks will gut the Bill of Rights, particularly the Second Amendment, and First Amendment protections for speech, press, and religious freedom.

Much rides on the outcome.

No matter who wins, the old establishment media has been shown to be completely partisan.  That will change much.  If you have not voted, do so. You can find the nearest polling place on the Internet.  I did.

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Wireless.Phil said...

Mailed my ballot in 2 weeks ago.

Smith and Wesson plans name change

Smith & Wesson Wants to Change Its Name
Bloomberg-17 hours ago


Smith & Wesson targets new name: American Outdoor Brands Corp.
MarketWatch-18 hours ago
Smith & Wesson Holding Corp. SWHC, +2.24% said Monday that it will seek to change its corporate name to American Outdoor Brands Corp.


Smith & Wesson to buy survival equipment maker UST
MarketWatch-Nov 4, 2016
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Anonymous said...

Similar extraordinarily large voter turn-out in rural Alabama. First time I ever had trouble finding a parking spot and had to wait in-line at the registration table. Gonna be a looooong nite ...

Anonymous said...

The reason Vladimir Putin wants Trump is he has said Clinton would start the third world war. Putin has prepared and he has called all Russians home. He may not like Trump but he respects him he thinks Obama is a putz and Clinton is an idiot.

Anonymous said...

I voted for Trump about 8:30 this morning. I held my nose and closed my eyes and voted for McCain just to keep the senate majority We have to keep control of congress if Trump is going to be successful. I have voted against song bird for 30 years. with a super majority maybe they will clamp down on RINO McCain. Trumps election should save lots of ammo.

Anonymous said...

Smith and Wesson prefers to sell to military and law enforcement rather than to civilians. years ago a train car load of S&W was derailed in an accident and caught fire. The FBI investigated. A count of the inventory of the train car showed several of the weapons missing. the inventory count was corrected after the FBI announce no charges would be filed if all of the police and fire fighters turned them in. the entire contents of the train car was sprayed with chemicals and buried where the accident happened after the count was corrected.

smith and Wesson prefers to sell to military and law enforcement

Anonymous said...

Frankly I do not like the S&W frame style or the grip. S&W ARE A GOOD QUALITY WEAPON I just do not like that style of frame. I consider Clocks as plastic trash. I would buy an S&W any style before a Glock. too light weight and ceramic chips far easier than steel. I would not want to have to wait on a replacement or repair. everybody has their preference. I wish I still had my 44 mag desert eagle. I'm looking for a 1911 .45 acp. I sold a gold cup match to a customer once. he had been on the air force pistol team and had a passion for the .45.