Tuesday, November 15, 2016

WI: Reform of Gun Law would Allow Licensed Carry in Schools

A Wisconsin representative is looking to restore the right to bear arms in some schools for some people. From jsonline.com:
Town of Jackson — A state lawmaker said Saturday he would introduce a bill to allow licensed gun owners to carry weapons on the grounds of private schools, and he expects to advance similar bills aimed at public K-12 schools and college campuses.

State Rep. Jesse Kremer (R-Kewaskum) said the state's concealed carry law, which restricts permit holders from taking their weapons on school grounds, needs to be adjusted to match the federal Gun-Free School Zones Act, which includes an exception for those with CCW licenses. He said the effort is targeting private schools first because "it's an easier lift" politically.

 The problem with current law is that people who legally carry guns are required to leave guns in their vehicle every time they enter or leave school grounds.  This presents a safety hazard that is real, as it multiplies the number of times that guns are holstered and unholstered. It exposes the firearms to theft.

There is a tiny increment in risk each time a gun is unholstered and stored, then retrieved and reholstered.  There is a much more significant risk of the personal defensive firearm being stolen while stored in the vehicle.

The much safer option is to remove the restrictions on legally armed individuals ability to exercise their right to bear arms.  They keep their arms protected on their persons. The arms would then be under their control, available to protect themselves and others, and far less likely to be stolen.

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Anonymous said...

I DO NOT CARE HOW MANY LAWS YOU PASS. If someone wants to kill you they will find a way. a woman in Texas wanted her husband dead, she ran over him with her car and then backed up over him to make sure. and the car was licensed and registered. and she had never been convicted of anything. her husband was a doctor. I do not care who you are if you have the right to be on the street you have a right to self defense. there is no law that will stop killings. If you paid for your crime you paid for your rights.