Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Wi: Constitutional Carry Coming up for a Vote in Senate

The Wisconsin Constitutional Carry or permitless carry bill is likely to come up for a vote in the Wisconsin Senate this month, according to the NRA-ILA.
Critical legislation that will improve your ability to defend yourself may be voted on in the Wisconsin state Senate this month. Senate Bill 169 will allow for the concealed carry of a firearm without a concealed carry license anywhere in the state where an individual is legally allowed to be. 
The bill moves the ball forward to make real what Wisconsin voted for in 1998, when they passed the Constitutional amendment noted above. Article I, Section 25.  I remember it well. The people advocating for the amendment believed it was bulletproof and extremely clear.

The amendment passed through an extremely difficult process. It had to pass the legislature. Then an election had to occur. Then another legislature had to pass the amendment again. Then, finally, the measure was put before the people. It passed with 74% of the vote.

Sources in Wisconsin have told me that the votes are there to pass this reform bill. It is not an enormous change in the law. Wisconsin already has permitless open carry. It brings a number of small changes that make rationalize various statutes to bring them in line with the state Constitution.

It will be a significant philosophical victory, however. It will show that when the people vote for something, even though the entire power of the elite establishment is arrayed against them, the will of the people can triumph.

When the last 12 or 13 states have instituted Constitutional Carry, crime rates have continued to drop. Those states show how the freedom to keep and carry weapons has no real downside. Those who demand an unarmed population detest that idea.

The bill, SB 169, contains a number of reasonable reforms, such as allowing non-residents to obtain a Wisconsin carry permit.  Here are a few others.

  • Eliminates prohibitions on carry in public buildings generally, but allows posting under the trespass law for certain sensitive government buildings such as police stations, prisons, and secure mental health facilities.
  • Eliminates prohibitions on carrying a gun or crossbow in a wildlife refuge
  • Eliminates prohibitions on carry on an all terrain vehicle
  • Eliminates prohibition on possession of a bow, crossbow, or firearm while shining a light on wildlife. (this has primarily been used against people viewing wildlife at night in car headlights. Hunting with lights is still prohibited.)
  • Eliminates the prohibition on the possession of electric weapons, such as Tasers.
  • Changes the state definition of "firearm" to be congruent with the federal definition that excludes muzzle loaders and antique and replica firearms.
The NRA-ILA is urging members to call their state senators in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin could become the 14th Constitutional Carry state in 2017. It will depend on how many Wisconsin citizens push their legislators to support this bill.

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The united states constitution forbids one state to limit the right of people from another state. all of the nights protected in one state are to be protect to those that pass thorough or visit it is time to stop individual states from misusing their authority. the tenth amendment demands state recognize and enforce the federal constitution above their own No one including states have the right to deny any rights the citizens of one state have to people from another state. Permits or licenses for visitors are unconstitutional when not required for the citizens of the states they are visiting. The US supreme court has ruled your right travel with you.