Saturday, April 28, 2018

Followup FL: Another Black Man Cleared in Florida Shooting Case

Contrary to the claims in the article, under Florida law, Black people are cleared using Stand Your Ground, more commonly than white people.

Devin reportedly picked up his order and left the restaurant, but Ledea followed “screaming threats” from the open door, according to a defense motion. “‘Gibbs believed that this time [Ledea] was armed and was coming outside to act on his threat to kill him or do serious bodily harm,’ lawyers Andrew Rier and Jonathan Jordan wrote in their request to throw out the case. According to the lawyers, the surveillance video showed Ledea ‘grab toward his waistband’ as though he had a gun.

Devin reportedly threw down his food, pulled out his own gun and fired one shot, shattering the glass door and sending terrified customers scrambling for cover. Nobody was shot or injured. Phillip Ledea had a history of arrests and admitted he drank beer that day and “that he had engaged in fighting other kids ages 18-20.” See the man below.
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