Saturday, April 28, 2018

OR: Armed 79-Year-Old Homeowner uses Empty Gun to Hold Suspect for Police

A 79-year-old northwest Bend homeowner and retired police officer recounted his confrontation with a naked burglar early Monday morning in which he used his gun to stop the man -- even though he fired three times, only to learn it wasn't loaded. So he hit the man repeatedly to keep him on scene until police arrived.

Police were dispatched around 5:35 a.m. to the 2600 block of Northwest Nordic Avenue on a report of a burglary in progress, Lt. Clint Burleigh said. The woman told the dispatcher a man had broken into their home and was being held at gunpoint by her husband.
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Wireless.Phil said...

He's lucky!
An empty gun has gotten people killed!
ALWAYS reload!