Thursday, January 03, 2019

NH: Armed Citizens Detain Driver of Hit and Run Vehicle

During the chaos, two separate “good Samaritans” followed Marconia in their own cars, police said.

"When the suspect’s truck crashed in the parking lot, the first Samaritan attempted to prevent the suspect from driving away by blocking the suspect’s vehicle with his own car. The suspect threatened to kill that man and then attempted to back up," police said. "The second Good Samaritan seeing this aggressive action and hearing this threat, warned the first man and instructed him to retreat. The second man then challenged the suspect with his firearm while issuing commands to stop. Moments later the police arrived."

The firearm was seized by police during their investigation but eventually was returned to the unnamed owner.

"Upon determining that the man’s actions were legally justified and that he was lawfully entitled to possess a firearm, his property was immediately returned," police said.
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