Wednesday, February 06, 2019

OR: Justified Self Defense Shooting results in $400,000 Civil Settlement

Civil lawsuits are common following shootings, even justified shootings.

That afternoon on February 20, 2017, Petersen (32) entered Chan’s insurance agency and informed the agent that he had camped at the front of the business the night before. Petersen then asked for the whereabouts of his personal effects, according to Chan’s account to the police. Chan claimed that after he had informed Petersen that he had disposed of the sleeping bag and other items, the homeless man threatened to kill him and burn his business down.

Chan admitted to the police that he had shot Petersen with his .22-caliber revolver in self-defense as the homeless man attempted to assault him. The agent also claimed that he did not have enough time to warn Petersen that he was about to shoot, and that he did not intend to kill the man.
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