Saturday, July 06, 2019

IL: Gunfight, Four People Wounded

This is a complicated case, from the article. Notice the 41-Year-Old is not named. That may be a hint that he is the victim in the incident.

Bonds says the brothers confronted the 41-year-old about the gun.

That’s when the 41-year-old opened fire, striking the 16-year-old in the stomach and leg. Bonds says the man shot the 12-year-old boy multiple times in the lower extremities and actually pulled him into his house for a time.

After that, the 41-year-old fired more shots, hitting Charles, who had come running out of his shop.

“Everything is just so screwed up. My son is messed up, a 12-year-old kid is messed up, and this crazy dude running around with guns shooting people,” Charles said.

Moments after Charles was shot, the chief says somebody else came out from Charles’ tire shop and shot the 41-year-old multiple times.
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