Thursday, January 19, 2006

4-H shooting club back up, for now: "The Arizona Board of Regents has agreed, at least temporarily, to allow a 4-H shooting program to continue around the state.The Board oversees the University of Arizona-sponsored 4-H. It decided to end the long-time Shooting Sports Program after an audit alerted board members to its existence. The program was shut down for three days last month until outraged parents and participants persuaded the board to bring it back. The program teaches marksmanship and responsible firearm use of 22-caliber rifles, air pistols, air rifles, archery, shot guns and muzzle-loading arms. No live ammunition is used. Regents spokeswoman Anne Barton says the board wasn't comfortable with the university being responsible for the guns. While the participants or clubs use and maintain their own guns, the U-of-A would be legally responsible if there were any accident or incident related to the guns. The future of the 4-H program remains uncertain in Arizona".

David Friedman: "There is another, and perhaps better, argument for private possession of firearms. If the population is disarmed, protection against crimes is provided mainly by the police. People very much want not to be victims of crimes, so if protection depends on the police there will be public support for expanding the powers of the police in order to better protect us. The result is a more powerful government, which I think a bad thing."

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