Thursday, January 26, 2006

WI: Intruders beware: Victims of burglaries could be armed: "These days, Mark Dempsey is easily startled when he hears a sudden noise at his apartment. Earlier this month, noises at his apartment door turned out to be the sound of would-be burglars. Two teenagers were trying to pry their way inside his home at 1107 Cleveland Ave. on Jan. 10. Dempsey, 52, shouted out the first thing that came to his mind. He asked them if they wanted to get shot, and they ran away. A broken foot prevented Dempsey from running after them, and they haven't been caught. During the month of December, Wausau police investigated two attempted burglaries to homes and one to a business. Police received reports of 11 burglaries in the city last month, including six to homes. Dempsey has a warning to potential burglars, and not just to the ones who tried to break into his apartment: Besides hurting the victims of your crime, you could be putting your own life in jeopardy."

Gun owners are people too, and alive to tell tale: "I use my right arm to do a variety of things. Shovel oily fast food into my mouth. Operate my TV remote. Turn the pages of this newspaper. Write letters. Bowl a cricket ball. Wave at people in the street. Vote with an X. .... I use my left arm to support the activities of my right arm, such as tying my shoelaces. Lift weights at the gym. Drive a car. Swim. .... My third arm is the most important. It is as important as my heart and lungs and brain. My third arm keeps me alive in the face of violent criminal attacks. It has done so four times in the past three years. It also occasionally helps me put biltong in my pocket. Any attempt by you, GFSA, to pass a law legislating that I am compelled to amputate my third arm will be met with a fierce and spirited resistance."

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