Tuesday, January 24, 2006

As the crime situation up north goes south: "Canada's gun control scheme has not just failed -- it has failed disastrously. Clear evidence of that can be found in a comparison of the crime rates for Canada and America. While advocates of Canada's type of restrictive gun laws will play with raw figures and show how there might be many more homicides in cities such as Chicago or Miami or Detroit than there are in Toronto, the real story is found by comparing the per capita crime rates. Do that, and you will discover that Canada's crime rate is skyrocketing while down in the states, overall crime is declining."

IN: Man storms into home of ex-girlfriend, is killed: "Jeffrey B. Randle, 44, 1100 block of West 36th Street, died of a gunshot wound late Wednesday after he stormed into his former girlfriend's Clermont home and charged her male companion, police said.The alleged shooter, Aaron Sterling, 44, was not arrested.Randle knocked on the door to Marcelene Robinson's home in the 7600 block of Marabou Mills Way about 11 p.m. Wednesday, according to a Marion County Sheriff's Department report.Robinson, 41, answered the door, thinking it might be her daughter. Randle, who police say was violating a protective order by visiting Robinson's home, saw Sterling and became enraged, according to the report.He pushed through the door, knocking Robinson out of the way, and charged Sterling, police said. Sterling produced a .44-caliber handgun and fired one shot, which struck the victim in the groin, police said.Randle died at Wishard Memorial Hospital."

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