Thursday, November 27, 2008

Texas Homeowner Shoots Intruder Attempting to Break In: "A homeowner got a surprise wakeup call Monday. Gabriel Guzman was in his 59th Street home Monday morning, when he was startled by his doorbell continuously ringing. "They kept ringing the doorbell and it kind of worried me some so I kind of glanced out the window and I didn't see anything," said Guzman. Guzman kept peering out his windows, and that's when he saw 18-year-old Adrian Hardaway walk towards his backyard. Out of fear Guzman grabbed his gun. "I opened up the door and yelled at him and I just told him to get away. I looked and he was pointing his gun at me and I had mine and I warned him to get away. I looked again and that's when he had his gun and I thought he was going to shoot me - so I shot him," said Guzman. Guzman backed the suspect up into his backyard, once he shot him, the suspect fell over and Guzman warned the suspect several times to toss the gun away. Once he finally tossed it aside, then he called the police. Lubbock police say they believe the suspect was responsible for two other burglaries in the neighborhood before he was shot. The suspect was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries."

Oklahoma Store Owner Shoots At Would-Be Robber: "A robber is on the run after narrowly escaping a barrage of bullets at an Oklahoma City convenience store. Oklahoma County deputies said a man waited for the Buy Fast Foods store at Northeast 23rd and Boyd streets to close and started pistol-whipping the owner in the parking lot. Deputies said the robber forced the owner to go back into the store and get money. Instead, the owner got a gun and fired several shots at the man. The robber fled in a newer-model red pickup truck. Police said they're not sure whether any of the shots hit the robber."

Delaware robber shot by would-be victim: "An armed robber who tried to stick up a New Castle area man was shot himself when his would-be victim pulled out his own gun and fired at him. The gunshot victim later reported to police that he was shot during a robbery that went awry.New Castle County police spokesman Cpl. Trinidad Navarro said the holdup happened at 5:45 p.m. Monday in the first block of Chesterfield Drive in Garfield Park. A 37-year-old man told officers that he was taking items out of his car when two men walked up to him and stuck an object in his side and attempted to rob him. The victim said he thought the assailants were going to shoot him, so he pulled out his own 9 mm handgun and fired one round at the suspects. Navarro said the man was not sure if he hit either of the assailants, although he did hear a loud moaning sound after he fired the shot. The two would-be robbers ran off in the direction of Bizarre Drive."

Florida Father Shoots Neighbor's Pit Bull: "A local father shot and killed a neighbor's pit bull. The dog was loose and had followed a child into the dad's home. Law enforcement says no one will face charges because of the incident-- not the father for shooting the dog in front of children, nor the pit bull's owner for letting the dog get out. At least two girls were meeting at the Martin home for a ride to school. The pit bull followed one girl into the house and bit Martin's beagle. Martin first tried to scare away the pit bull with a BB gun, but the dog returned, reportedly growling at the children. Martin took out his .9 mm gun and shot the pit bull. The dog then ran down the street and died. The shooting upset neighbor Ofelia Cravens. Prior to the shooting, Cravens said her daughter found the dog wandering down the street. Cravens said the pit bull was large, but friendly.... Animal Control says the pit bull belonged to Fernando and Anna Flores, who live on another street."

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