Wednesday, November 05, 2008

WI: Man Shot by Son After Stabbing Wife: "An estranged husband was shot to death by his son after he stabbed his wife repeatedly early Monday morning, Milwaukee Police said. Jesus Reynoso De La Cruz began stabbing Mirtha Romero Perez after he broke into her Milwaukee home near 19th and Euclid. De La Cruz's son grabbed a gun and repeatedly shot his father in order to stop the stabbing. De La Cruz was pronounced dead at the scene. Perez was taken to the hospital where she later died. "What I heard was a pop or a pop," said family friend Kevin Finn. "It sounded like gunfire but I wasn't quite sure." Police said the shooting was in self-defense and released the son from custody. Perez just filed for divorce and issued a restraining order against her husband last month. De La Cruz was charged with violating the restraining order last week. The couple owned a bar near 6th and National."

WA: Shot burglar now goes to jail: "Last November, Moore arrived home during the day to find a strange car parked in his driveway. Seeing the back door damaged, he retrieved a .45-caliber pistol from his truck and then encountered the two suspects in a rear bedroom. Moore said he fired because he saw that Bojorquez had one of his shotguns and was turning it toward him. Defense attorney Greg Scott said he believed Moore was mistaken about that, though McCarthy deemed the testimony very credible. Bojorquez was sentenced to four years concurrently for both the burglary charge and unlawfully possessing the shotgun, due to his prior convictions. Another five years was added because the crime involved a weapon. He was sentenced to another 365 days on a misdemeanor harassment charge for threatening Moore as he was held at gunpoint. He will be given credit for serving most of that time while awaiting trial. McCarthy told Bojorquez that he could have been a "fading memory" if Moore's shot had been more accurate. The judge, noting that the defendant's criminal history suggested he's on the way to becoming a career criminal, told Bojorquez he should see the conviction as an opportunity to turn his life around. Bojorquez has juvenile convictions for theft, auto theft, malicious mischief and robbery."

Utah gun shop urges court to dismiss suit over shootings: "A gun shop is asking a judge to dismiss a lawsuit filed by a survivor of the 2007 Trolley Square shootings. Sportsman's Fast Cash and Westley Wayne Hill, the employee who sold a 12-gauge shotgun to Sulejman Talovic, say Talovic's actions were unforeseen and independent of the gun shop. The defendants also say the shootings would have happened if they did not sell Talovic a 12-gauge shotgun and deny anything was illegal about the sale. As part of their argument, defense attorneys cite a 2001 case where a man rented a car, drove it while drunk and killed a person. A court dismissed a lawsuit against the rental company and said renting the car to the driver was not the immediate cause of the accident. Feb. 12, 2007, Talovic entered Trolley Square mall with the pistol-grip shotgun and a .38-caliber pistol he bought from a former co-worker. Talovic used the weapons to kill five people and wound four. Talovic died in a shootout with police."

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