Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Wisconsin: Woman shoots aggressive neighbor: "A man shot by his neighbor while he allegedly was vandalizing her home is charged with criminal damage to property -- and the neighbor isn't expected to face any charges. The criminal complaint filed in Crawford County Circuit Court said 53-year-old Harvey Townsend used a metal fence post to smash 16 windows and a storm door of the neighbor's house in Steuben Oct. 20. According to Sheriff Jerry Moran, the neighbor, a 54-year-old woman, said she fired warning rounds from a pistol but didn't intend to hit Townsend, who fled and was located by a police dog in a nearby woods with a wound to the abdomen. The woman has since filed for a temporary restraining order against Townsend. A hearing on that action is scheduled Monday -- the same day Townsend is due for his preliminary hearing.

Texas Homeowner Grabs Robber's Gun, Kills Him: "A homeowner in North Dallas who answered his door Sunday night to find a man pointing a gun at him killed the would-be-robber. Police say the resident grabbed the man's handgun and used it to shoot the would-be robber. A second would-be-robber escaped on foot. The homeowner wasn't injured, but the man he shot later died at an area hospital. Names of the homeowner and the victim were not released. Police Senior Cpl. Kevin Janse told The Dallas Morning News that the resident "was protecting himself."

Australia: You can be lucky: "A Corio man has described how he and his partner cowered in bed fearing for their lives when a man was shot at their Fairbairn Dve home last night. Ray Dannatt, 52, said he and his partner Sharon barricaded themselves in their bedroom as up to four men tried to break into their house. A 35-year-old man was rushed to the Royal Melbourne Hospital in a critical condition after being shot in the head and chest at the address about 10pm. Mr Dannatt said the shooting was not related to a bikie gang dispute and instead was an attempted robbery gone wrong. The father of five said he was lying in bed when the gunshot was fired. He believed the men were trying to break into the home by smashing the patio window with a rifle before one of them was accidentally shot."

Woman Says Killing of Husband Was Self-Defense: "Behind the smiles and closed doors, though, Barbara Sheehan said her family lived in fear of her husband, Raymond. That is, until February 2008, when Sheehan snapped and police say she admitted to shooting and killing her husband with 11 bullets from his own gun. Sheehan, 47, said the ex- cop terrorized the family for 18 years, and she believed she had nowhere to turn for help. "I was sure that he was going to kill me. There was no doubt about it," Sheehan said in an exclusive interview with WABC-TV in New York. Sheehan said the abuse began after the birth of the couple's second child. "It started with pushing, shoving, him apologizing, and then it would get worse, and then it got to a point where he just stopped apologizing. Her 22-year-old daughter, Jennifer Sheehan, said her father would lock her and her brother, Raymond, in the bedroom and told them he'd kill them if they came out. "It's terrible to say, but it's better since he's been gone," Jennifer said. "But I still have nightmares that he's gonna come home in the middle of the night. I wake up sweating, crying" she told WABC-TV. A 2007 family vacation to Jamaica turned into a horror show. "The walls in the hotel were like cinder block and he kept banging my face into it until my head cracked open. There was blood all over the room, and I wound up in the hospital on the island of Jamaica," Barbara Sheehan said. Sheehan said she didn't dare file a report or call the police on her [police] officer husband."

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