Friday, December 07, 2012

TX:Burglary suspect, held at gunpoint, calls 911

A Parker County woman called 911 early Tuesday, saying that her husband was outside, holding a burglar at gunpoint.

"Hurry up now, because my husband's fixing to shoot him," the woman said after giving directions to their house near Springtown.

The man with the gun pointed at him had the same idea.

He, too, called 911. "He's going to shoot me," he told the operator.

The dual 911 calls were made about 12:30 a.m. from the house in the 100 block of Lelon Lane, a spokeswoman for the Parker County Sheriff's Department said Wednesday.

When deputies and Springtown police arrived, they found a man, identified only as a 38-year-old resident of the house, holding a gun on a man in a pickup.

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Dean Weingarten said...

This could have ended badly for the homeowner if his wife had not also called 911. The police tend to believe the first caller in an incident.