Friday, December 07, 2012

NE:Omaha bank president brought gun to work

OMAHA -- A man walked into Omaha State Bank after business hours on Nov. 20 and waved a gun around. The man, as it turns out, was the bank president, who said he was showing off a new pistol with a cool laser pointer. Now Michael Dahir is on administrative leave as police and the bank's board of directors look into a complaint about his behavior that day. Karen Cenovic, a vice president and lending officer at the bank, reported the incident to police and the board, saying she felt threatened. Dahir said that he just wanted to show her his new gun and that he did not threaten her. Bank policy prohibits employees from bringing firearms into the building, said Senior Vice President James McBride. Police are investigating the incident, and Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine is waiting on the results to decide whether to file charges. Cenovic, who still works at Omaha State Bank, said in an email Wednesday that she did not intend the police report to be a “formal complaint.” “The Bank has taken responsibility to investigate the matter, and I am satisfied they are handling it well,” she said. Both Dahir and Cenovic, in her account to police, agree that the bank president brought a 9mm pistol to the main office at 12100 West Center Road on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. lapse in judgment,” Domina said. “He has something new and took it into the bank and showed it, and he wishes he would have never bought it and had left it in the car if he had. He regrets that anybody might have gotten upset or frightened, and he doesn't really think that happened.

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