Thursday, May 02, 2013

NC:Eagle Scout, Honor Student, Do the right thing, have your life ruined.

More results of the insane hatred the left has for individual responsibility and honor.

Eagle Scout Cole Withrow was just a few weeks from graduating with honors from his North Carolina high school, but now the active church member is facing a felony weapons charge and a precarious future after accidentally leaving a shotgun in his pickup truck in the school parking lot.

Most members of the Johnston County community, just southeast of Raleigh believe the 18-year-old is paying far too big a price for an honest mistake. Withrow had been skeet shooting with friends a day before, and only noticed he had left his shotgun in his truck on Monday morning as he reached to grab his book bag, said family friend Kimberly Boykin. When he realized his mistake, rather than leave school grounds, he went to the front office to call his mother for help.

“He didn’t know what to do,” Boykin, whose son is friends with Withrow, told Fox News. “If you jump in the truck and leave, then they get you for skipping school. Once you are there you have to say.

“I think it’s an injustice for this young man,” she added. “He’s a good guy. He’s loved by his classmates and his teachers. You don’t become an Eagle Scout by being a bad seed.”

She said the school district is sending a very bad message to students.


“The law is very clear when a person knowingly and willingly brings a weapon onto educational property,” spokesperson Tracey Peedin Jones said. “The situation was turned over to law enforcement immediately.”

The Law is an Ass. (And in this case, deliberately so)

Boykin said he was also expelled for 365 days – meaning that he will not be able to graduate from high school.

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Update: The disastrous gun free school zone law of 1996 is the reason for these insane policies. Schools fear losing federal funding if they do not institute "zero tolerance" policies.

Disastrous Gun Law Sparked School Shootings

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Just called NC gov office they have been getting a ton of calls on this all pro calls,,,,,KEEP IT PEOPLE