Saturday, May 16, 2015

AR: Man shoots Teen breaking into his house

“Hell – it was the second time I ever shot the gun,” remarked Brent Dooley, the man who shot a father-son duo attempting to break into his Searcy home.

Searcy Police had responded to Dooley's address for a shots fired call. Dooley admitted to police he had fired off four rounds at the two men who busted through the glass of his front door.

“I told him, I warned him – I said, ‘man I got a gun and I got a kid.' I said I will shoot – might want to stop,” recounted Dooley.

The suspects apparently didn't stop what they were doing. Dooley retrieved his 9 mm hand gun and ended up hitting James D. Hughes, 19 of Judsonia in the hand and chest. Hughes' father, James A. Hughes, drove his son to the White County Medical Center to seek treatment. Investigators discovered the two at the hospital, along with a woman who had been with them during the whole ordeal.

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Mark Cavender said...

Mr. Dooley was arrested Wednesday on multiple felony gun and drug charges.