Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Reason Lists Arguments on how the State Department is violating 1st and 2nd Amentment Rights (3D Print files)

A very well presented summation of the arguments.

Cody Wilson and the Second Amendment Foundation sued the State Department in federal court in Texas last week over the Department's shutting down Wilson and his company Defense Distributed from putting CAD files to make 3D guns on the Internet, claiming that doing so might—might!—make him essentially an illegal international arms trafficker under International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).

Wilson saw that as basic prior restraint on speech, speech with a nexus on the right to keep and bear arms, and executed with a decided lack of due process, being made entirely on threat that he might be breaking the law, but stop what he's doing anyway. I discussed and quoted from the suit at length last week.

Today I obtained a further filing in the suit, a "Memorandum of Points and Authorities in Support of Plaintiffs' Motion for Preliminary Injunction." Below, a summation of the interesting arguments in it.

It begins by pointing out that the ITAR regulations scope and vagueness leaves many citizens, in addition to apparently the State Department itself, in the dark as to whether a given action or product violates ITAR by being "exported" and the "commodity jurisdiction" requests that citizens must go through to find out if they are subject to it are not treated in any efficient or swift manner.

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Wireless.Phil said...

The State Dept. went through thix before with 3D guns.

If, if, I remember correctly, by the time they went after him, he'd already made them (the files) free online.

Everybody that wanted them, got them.

Wireless.Phil said...

Wait till you read their slogan.
There's video.


Wireless.Phil said...

My mistake.
Forget Nutshellz!

On his site its only a 9Mm and a 357 round and Nutshellz deforms badly, in war or crime or the streets, who uses 9Mm or 357?

Show us in "real time" a .223 round or one from an AK-47 without editing and splicing the video, as they did here.

What you showed here, didn't even deform the cup with a .223!

Even if they don't hit you ""there"", they can still sever the artery on the inside of both thighs, you bleed out and its over!

Anonymous said...

While they are at it, the feds should blame Mr. C. Wilson for the "deflategate" scandel in Boston too.
Bradey obvuiosly used a "printed" handgun..........

Roger V. Tranfaglia

Anonymous said...

There are several reasons to use .357 and 9mm. I watched a Phoenix police department training video. They fired everything in their arsenal at a Vietnam era bullet proof vest (flack vest). The 9mm, in any configuration passed through the vest as if it were not there, it stopped everything else. A .357 Is powerful enough to break the block of a diesel engine. Both rounds are much lighter than other that people may choose to carry and that allows a person to carry more ammo for the same weight. In the video they fired an arrow from a 50 pound pull bow at a five gallon bucket of sand and a third of the arrow passed out the other side. They fired a .357 at the same five gallon can of sand and the .357 stopped almost dead center of the sand. The primary reason cops changed to the .40 Cal was to stop shooting each other in a cross fire situation. Either bullet depends on the type of slug used for the desired results. The flack vest stopped everything Including a 12 gauge slug to a Thompson 45 and a 44 mag. I have personally seen the results of an AK-47 on that style of a flack vest. All I can say is the flack vest was useless. We took the flack vest off to treat the wounds and the chest came off with it.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever seen a .223 at night fire with tracers. They are so fast they are completely unstable after 400 yards. and once they hit something You have no idea where they will come out. I have seen people hit with a .223 in the leg and it came out their shoulder. the speed for the size of the bullet makes them very unstable for a long range shot.