Tuesday, November 03, 2015

AR: Armed Husband Foils Halloween Home Invaders

The homeowner opened the door to hand out the candy and one of the intruders brandished a shotgun in the homeowner’s face. The others forced their way inside the house.

Green reported that the husband was sitting in a recliner as the intruders entered the house. Two of the subjects pointed their weapons at the man’s wife. The husband had a weapon close to him as the men attempted to rob them. The husband pulled the weapon from the chair and fired a single shot.

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Wireless.Phil said...

Cleveland proceeding with gun-offender registry, despite pending lawsuit

Greg said...

Another example of thugs preying on targets they think are easy or defenseless. As more and more people become armed, the criminal element will take note sooner or later. On another note, notice how these four armed "tough guys" took off running and dropped their weapons after one shot into the ceiling from the old guy.