Thursday, November 05, 2015

Conservative Treehouse offers peek behind the curtain at Minnesota Poll Results

This is not precisely firearms related, but it shows how media outlets manipulate the news to further their agenda.  This sort of thing is done all the time with Second Amendment related statistics and studies.

Media quickly deletes finding that Trump beats Hillary in MN ! Screen-Shot Added.

The operational arm of the DNC, or perhaps Senator Al Franken, must have been urgently dispatched to contact KTSP (ABC 5) News in Minnesota after they published results from their own sponsored SurveyUSA poll/survey…..

Why? Because they deleted the lead in paragraph shortly after posting it.  Our discovery was accidental.

The KTSP(ABC5) survey findings show Donald Trump perceived to be the most likely nominee amid all of the survey respondents:

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Anonymous said...

I have seen this kind of behavior before. Years ago a station in Yuma played a video that had been given to them by a videographer that changed planes in new york and when he got off his plane in phoenix the plane he had changed from was blown out of the sky leaving new york. His video showed two packages of liquid Nitro jell under the seat in front of him. he didn't know he had that footage until he reviewed the tape. 22 second were played on the six o'clock news and 9 second were played on the 11 o'clock news. I called and asked why the footage was removed and they told me the FBI confiscated it.