Thursday, November 12, 2015

FL: 88-Year-Old Woman uses.25 Caliber in Defense, Bullet Fails to Penetrate Door

It was likely a Beretta Jetfire .25, also designated a model 950.

According to the Miami Police Department, burglars attempted to enter her home at 6060 N.W. 2nd St., around 10:30 p.m., Tuesday night. After kicking in the door, Orms fired her .25 caliber baretta pistol into the door from inside, sending the burglars running off. "He never made it in," said a responding Miami Police officer.

Shocked neighbors have since stepped up and helped Orms with repairs on her door. "I saw the police on the corner, but I didn't see what was going on," said neighbor Gladys Betancourt. "That was awesome though."

Officials said that bullet didn't go through the door, or this story may have ended with an attempted burglary and death investigation.

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Wireless.Phil said...

Had the .22 and 25, sorry I sold them now.
Ran across this on SureFire.
AR-15 supressors, not cheap $1,325.
Also list flash hiders, but the dummies label them as flash hider/supressor
Only warning I read was against export.

Marshall Thompson said...

I also have a Beretta 950 25 ACP pistol. However, to avoid this kind of embarrassing performance, I handload my own SD ammo and can guarantee that my bullets will penetrate any normal door. I take them up to the SAAMI max pressure using Unique. The 50 gr FMJ bullets (don't waste your time with HPs in this caliber) are running at about 960 fps and have 100+ ft-lb of energy. Penetration is the main goal when you are using a mouse gun like this.