Monday, November 09, 2015

GA: Armed Woman Shoots Armed Robber

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Anonymous said...

Just think - If it was the case that it was advertised that one woman after another reached into their purse and shot or otherwise deterred a would-be robber or rapist, it follows that people would fear attempting to target a woman carrying a purse.

With all the money in pro-gun advocacy, how is it the idea of doing a commercial ad buy across the country has never happened? With Super Pacs and pacs and independent wealth, just why is it actual incidences like this aren't made into commercials? Heck, why not a movie or two?

Dean Weingarten said...

Glock has made commercials pretty close to this.

The reason you do not see commercials like these in the major networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS is that they will not sell the space.

Yes, it is self imposed censorship to work against the second amendment.

It has been going on for most of the time that television existed.