Friday, November 13, 2015

MI: John Lott Testimony on Students and Guns in Gun Free Zones Oct 13, 2015

Texas recently passed legislation so that people with concealed carry permits to legally carry on public college campuses, just as they are allowed to carry on most of the rest of the public land in Texas, including the State Capitol.  This legislation follows a trend that has been occurring for several years.  There are now eleven states that forbid public colleges and universities from banning the carry by licensed individuals, on campus property, with variations among the states.

Michigan is currently considering such legislation to remove the bans on carry that have been imposed by numerous, unelected college administrations.  John Lott was invited to testify before the legislature.  He did so on October 13, 2015.  His testimony was absolutely devastating to those who wish to maintain infringements on the right to bear arms in Michigan.

Link to John Lott testimony Video

In the testimony, John Lott made three clear, unequivocal points.

First, people with concealed carry permits are an exceptionally law abiding and safe group.  They are 5-6 times a law abiding as police officers.  College age members of this group are as law abiding older members who have permits.

Second, permit holders have a record of exceptional safety inside school areas that were gun free zones, but which no longer ban permit holders. 

Third, removing the ban on permit holders offers significant benefits.   Gun free zones attract rampage killers.  Of the rampage murders that fit the definition since 1950, all but two occurred in gun free zones.  A Democrat legislator disputed that fact, John  Lott responded and destroyed his allegation.

The video is a little over half an hour long.  John Lott is a master of the facts and gives a brilliant presentation.  It is well worth watching.

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Wireless.Phil said...

Double standard.
Either you allow them or you don't.
An AR-15 and a grenade launcher, in school?

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