Friday, November 06, 2015

"Nobody is Trying to Take Your Guns!"

More modern samizdat art from the new media.  This poster succinctly portrays the disarmist strategy of disarmament by a thousand cuts, or incremental confiscation.

The strategy worked in England and Wales (and one could argue, medieval Japan), but it is not working in the United States.

The premise is to make guns costly and difficult or impossible to use without severe legal impediments.  This is supposed to lead to reduced levels of gun ownership.  When gun ownership drops to the point where it becomes politically ineffective, then wide scale confiscation becomes possible.

Until that point, incremental confiscation is the name of the game.  This is done by increasing the classes of people prohibited from owning guns, incrementally increasing the classes of guns that are prohibited (too big or too small, too effective, or not effective enough, or scary looking) for example, and aggressively confiscating guns from people when they or their guns become a  member of one of the prohibited classes.

But in the United States, the gun culture has fought back by making guns more utilitarian through concealed carry laws, the castle doctrine, and stand your ground laws.  Gun confiscation can only be sold when defense of self and others is de-legitimized.  Gun ownership is up, not down, and the total number of guns in the United States is now approaching 400 million, about double from 30 years ago.

At the same time, the murder rate has dropped in half, putting the lie to the central excuse used to market gun prohibition "more guns, more crime".  It turns out that guns either have little effect on crime, or "more guns, less crime" is what happens in American culture.

The disarmists are left trying to market blatant lies, such as "there is an epidemic of gun violence" or "semi-automatic assault rifles are the weapon of choice of criminals".

The new media, as exemplified by the poster, means that disarmists no longer have an oligopoly on the dissemination of information.  It is why the disarmists are losing.

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Wireless.Phil said...


Deer and wild boar hunting in Japan, selling meat. Wild boar is good.


Anonymous said...

They have not identified why having the information as to who owns guns stops crime. the only thing it accomplishes is giving the gun grabbers the information of who has what they want to eventually collect. Knowing where a gun is does not stop anyone from using it to commit a crime. But is does tell them where every gun is supposed to be making collection much easier. German Jews learned the hard way are we going to make their mistake? They use Great Britain as an example of how well gun laws work, the Brits are demanding their guns back. With the spread of Islamic terror spreading around the world, self protection is exploding. first step preventing convicted felons from owning guns as if they were not fit to protect themselves out of prison. Then BATFE added those convicted of misdemeanors involving guns, Who is next, until they have identified every class or type of people with trigger fingers. which brings us back to the point that if someone wants to kill you they will find a way. The government has been passing one law after another for many decades to increase the limited power we delegated to it. as those laws add up the power the government is forbidden to have continues to grow at a very slow pace but it continues to grow just the same. Read your constitution understand what governments limited authority is, then look at the laws and acts it has passed that it had no delegated authority to pass. The law is, ignorance of the law is no excuse, the government has passed? 63 million laws is a lot of incremental steps but they are getting where they are going until we put a stop to it according to our reserved authority in the constitution. The last two generations are finally waking up to the corruption that has allowed 63 million incremental laws to be passed. For some people it has been a learning process and for others it is like waking up to a hot cup of coffee being thrown in their face. You can fool a lot of people for a long time but proving to them they have been fooled is very time consuming and difficult. Well the coffee is now in their face. the question is who is going to clean up the mess and how we clean up the mess. If you spill ink you can use an ink blotter. If trash destroys a country it will likely require bullets, trials and rope to clean up the mess. they want our guns and bullets so there will never be any trials and rope. MY knees just wont bend to bow down to their corruption. Learn the definition of Treason. Then tell me that every one of the three branches of our government has not committed treason against all of the citizens of this nation. There is nothing wrong with our constitution, the people we have elected to uphold and enforce it are the problem. they have made fools out of us for far too long. If they get our guns and ammo they will turn fools into slaves. We loose and the tyrants take full control. Right now everything is in place for us to loose our national sovereignty, our constitution and our freedoms. Do we let it happen or do we take a stand? Any government strong enough to give you everything has the power to take everything away. then everybody but the tyrants will be poor.It took Russia 70 years to find out the socialism and communism don't work, Until they find a way to stop independent thinking it cant work. There will always be someone dissatisfied and some one who does not care how dissatisfied you are. It is impossible to prevent people from being individuals. My daughter likes the color red, I like the color blue, government uses Black the absence of color. Islam refuses to give you a choice. Communism takes away your choice, A Democratic republic begins to sound better all the time for individualism. Americans are bread to be individuals. This individual is keeping his guns and ammo.

Dean Weingarten said...

Yes, there are a few people in Japan who can get permits for firearms to hunt with. The numbers are infinitesimally small. It is much easier to get a permit for a firearm in England than in Japan.

Angry Armed Old White Man said...

> "The new media, as exemplified ... means that they no longer have an oligopoly on the dissemination of information. It is why the are losing."

Disarmists don't have a monopoly on disinformation, so they have been unable to make progress with their goal. This is why they have begun to attack the new/alternative media and private communications. Control the narrative, control the outcome. If they succeed in that goal, they will begin winning.

Wireless.Phil said...

Dean, the point is it's not totally gun free.
I once had a Browning 308, but tue barrel was stamped Made in Japan.

Expansive said...

Wireless.Phil...Dean specifically referred to "medieval Japan".

If you have a Browning 308 barrel made during that time period...hang onto it because it's an antique.