Monday, January 16, 2017

CA: Murder Trial to start in "Warning Shot" Killing

At a preliminary hearing in January 2016, the judge said the first shot was a warning; the second shot was fired at Pacheco as he was leaving the property.

McAllister has argued that his client thought he had fired the second shot above Pacheco, and his intent was only to scare Pacheco.

Boyer remains in custody at the county jail.

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Anonymous said...

OK, well they can't have it both ways. Either you stay silent and shoot them like a sniper without warning them that they are caught OR you warn them and they run, which means they turn their back to you and you shoot them in the butt or the back or the head.

I know antis like to tie it up so the CRIMINALS can not be shot at all, but that just cannot stand. It is time the criminals have a open target on them, all over their entire bodies front back top to bottom. It is time to give the good guys the benefit of the doubt for a change.

Anonymous said...

If a stage coach was robbed would any one care if the robbers were shot out of the saddle while getting away?

Anonymous said...

You have to rationalize these issues in to workable scenarios. You can play with semantics all day long. focus on what is happening and what is the result of any action taken and is that action good for any similar set of circumstances. It is one thing to trip over a glass coffee table and break it, very different than taking a hammer and intentionally smashing it. are you defending your property is the question, it makes no difference what that property is. are you defending a life, makes no difference who's life it is. do you have to wait to be injured or do you have the right to stop any injury from happening. any time under any circumstances when someone comes on your property, rented or owned. they have no right to make threats or attack you in any way. No words have to be spoken to perceive a threat. a point I have mentioned before, an officer of the law approaches you with his hand on his gun or the gun out of its holster is a threat. a person walks on to your property with a baseball bat or a tire iron. If you do not initiate the contact, you are the defender. the attacker has to deal with what you hand out. some times it is the last mistake they will ever make. I'm personally a very generous person. I always give more than I receive. some times my generosity is not appreciated. but then I do not like to have to visit the same issue more than once.

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine witnessed against a person convicted of a felony. the guy got out of prison and the first thing he did was carry out his threat and killed her. If they were to threaten me I would make sure they never cam back.