Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Bear Kills Teen Runner: It Should Have Been a Defensive Gun Use

A 16-year-old was killed by a black bear on a organized race in Alaska yesterday, on 19 June, 2017.  The runner had plenty of time to use a defensive firearm.  He had called family members to text them that he was being chased by a bear. From adn.com:
The runner had apparently made it to the halfway point turnaround and was on his way down when he used his phone to text a family member at 12:37 p.m. that he was being chased by a bear, Precosky said. The family member approached Precosky, who was then in the middle of handing out awards.

"I went off and talked to him about it, trying to get a straight story," Precosky said. "He was very shaken and had received this communication."

A search was launched immediately, Precosky said. The family member had GPS coordinates from the missing runner's phone that helped guide searchers to the area where his phone was. But the searchers, including runners that were part of the race, couldn't get closer.
This has all the hallmarks of predatory black bear attack.  The attack was well  telegraphed, because the runner had time to phone and text people about it. After the runner was killed, the bear stayed near the body and would not allow rescuers near it.  The bear was finally driven off when a park ranger shot it in the face with a shotgun slug, wounding it.

Black bears usually break off an attack when serious resistance is encountered. Black bears in predatory mode do not want to risk a serious wound. For a wild animal, a serious wound is often fatal.

The runner was able and willing to carry a cell phone. They could easily have carried a Ruger LCP, which weighs about as much.

There was a time when most people in Alaska knew that wild places had risks associated with them.  It should have been a defensive gun use. From adn.com
"This young man didn't do anything wrong. He was just in the wrong place," Crockett said. "You can't predict which bear is going to be predatory."
Exactly so. Which is why prudent people carry arms.

 A hiker killed a charging brown bear on the trail in 2013, with an AK74.

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Anonymous said...

sounds to me like it is time to have a bear hunt. years ago I made a report to the Cibola wild life refuge that there were two mountain lions coming into my yard. a game ranger came to my home and I showed him the lion tracks. he assured me the tracks were that of a big dog. I told him I watched the lion make the racks from my window. He said if there were any lions in the area we would know it. well about a half hour after the game ranger left I got a call from another ranger that told me If I shot a lion I would be fined several thousand dollars and given time in jail. I told her if the lion did not exist there was nothing to shoot so if I shot one that did not exist no one would miss it. about a month later the first ranger saw me in the grocery store and ran up to tell me they had a report from a farmer claiming he had seen the two lions I reported so they put traps out, trapped both lions and removed them from this area. the only problem is mountain lions travel in a 500 mile circle. their back. I know people that have taken shots at them to protect their cattle. defensive use of a firearm is legal. those lions had the scent of my children. One of those lions had jumped over a fence with a neighbors dog in its mouth. My idiot first wife put our 6 month old baby in the back yard by her self for some fresh air and sun. because her mother told her to. I told her for a week not to do what her mother told her to do. we were divorced 6 months later.

John Dough said...

How does one "call to text?"