Thursday, October 12, 2017

Activists Wave Sex Toys to Protest Second Amendment Speech (video) at UW

On 10 October, 2017, freedom advocate Katie Pavlich, who values the Second Amendment was allowed to speak on the University of Wisconsin, Madison, campus. The speech followed a change in University policy that threatened punishment for people who refuse to allow others to speak. From
The conservative student group Young Americans for Freedom invited pro-gun activist, journalist and author Katie Pavlich to speak at the UW's psychology building Tuesday night.

Young Americans for Freedom Chair Abby Streu says the group invited her to bring an often not heard viewpoint to campus. Pavlich will discuss firearms and self defense at the event titled "Trigger Warning: The Second Amendment and Self-Defense."

"It's really important that we discuss this and we have narratives flowing so that a bunch of different ideas can be determined and people can make up their own minds," Streu said.
Here is a Youtube video of the protesters demonstrating against Katie PavlichHere is a Youtube video of the protesters demonstrating against Katie Pavlich. They do not have an answer for the woman's arguement for a right to effective self defense. Instead, they just chant :

Link to youtube video

The left has a strange obsession with equating deadly weapons and genitalia. This protest is the second of its kind at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Both were modeled after similar protests at the University of Texas, Austin.

Pavlich asked the common questions ignored by anti-Second Amendment activists. From
“Why do the rights of adult college students end at the campus border?” Pavlich asked. Because gun rights opponents want to control others and prevent them from exercising their Second Amendment rights, she said.

“But just because you don’t like a constitutional right doesn’t mean you get to strip others’ constitutional rights,” Pavlich said in a talk that was anti-Hillary Clinton, anti-Hollywood and anti-“elite.”
Pavlich spoke in a crowded venue. The lecture hall appeared to be full. The speech was possible because of a bill put forward by the Wisconsin legislature in November of 2016. When the bill was fielded by Republican Senators, the University changed university rules to mirror the bill. That move cut off support and killed the bill. The rule change left the University of Wisconsin in position to change the rules back if a Democrat majority takes power in the Assembly or Senate, or if a Democrat is elected governor.

An organizer of the anti-rights group said that Pavlich's presence on campus was particularly dangerous, because of the possibility that Constitutional Carry would pass the Wisconsin legislature.
“Katie Pavlich is a very problematic speaker to bring to campus, especially when permit-less carry has such a high chance of passing,” protest organizer Kat Kerwin said
Clearly, she thinks it is a bad idea to allow speech when it might be effective. Perhaps Kat thinks waving dildos in the face of people who wish to listen to someone arguing for Second Amendment rights will convince legislators to vote against the bill.

Keep it up. I suspect the legislators are paying attention. They did in Texas. Campus carry passed the legislature and is now the law in Austin.

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