Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Homemade MAC 10 Submachine Gun at St. Louis Gun "Buyback"

This homemade MAC 10 Submachine gun clone was turned in at the recent St. Louis "buy back".  Buyback is an Orwellian propaganda term used to designate events were people are given incentives to turn weapons into police. You cannot "buy back" firearms that you never owned.

At this event on Christmas weekend in 2017 in St. Louis, the police collected 839 assorted firearms. From the St. Louis Police twitter.com:
A special thank you to our Commissioned and Civilian Personnel, the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity and the St.Louis Police Foundation in removing the following Firearms from the streets (preliminary #’s) 303 Handguns, 533 Long Guns and 6 Assault Rifles.
Most of the guns were ordinary hunting rifles and shotguns, which are rarely used in crime.

What caught the eye was the homemade submachine gun. Homemade submachine guns are commonly found where there are extremely restrictive gun controls. They are often seen in Brazil, Israel, Australia, and the Philippines. A particularly well made model is circulating around Europe.

Submachine guns are one of the easiest repeaters to make at home or in small workshops. They are a favorite of black market gun makers.

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