Saturday, July 28, 2018

AR15 used to stop Home Invasion in Hawaii

On Thursday, July 19, on the Hawaiian  island of Maui, a victim of a home invasion fired an AR15 style rifle at one of three armed home invaders. The trio hastily retreated, firing shots as they left the residence.  There were three victims of the home invasion. The suspects are reported to have taken $3,000. No one is reported as being hit by gunfire.  From

The bandits forced one victim into a bathroom, then walked through the house. A second victim armed himself with an AR-15 rifle and fired a round at the robbers, nearly striking one.

The three suspects fled, firing four gunshots on the way out.

No one was hurt during the robbery, police said. One victim reported the suspects took $3,000.
The police reported that they "recovered" a firearm at the scene of the home invasion. It is not clear if they "recovered" the "shiny handgun" reportedly used by the home invaders, or the AR15 style rifle used by the home defender. Hawaii has very restrictive gun control laws. Possession of magazines that hold more than 10 rounds of "pistol" ammunition, which includes AR15 magazines, is a misdemeanor, so the police may have confiscated the rifle used for home defense.

It is unclear when the police started to use the word "recover" firearms instead of impounded, confiscated, or taken into custody. Recover implies the firearm was previously owned by the police, or the firearm is owned by some other person than the one the police took it from.

AR-15 rifles make excellent home defense tools. There mere appearance has significant deterrent effect. We do not know what sort of ammunition was used, or the composition of the home's walls, so speculation about over-penetration is moot. We know that no one outside the home was reported as being wounded.

This is another case that shows the utility of semi-automatic rifles for home defense. The added difficulty of obtaining pistols legally in Hawaii is another reason for people there to use a semi-automatic rifle.

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James Pritchett said...

And the local press buried the story in12 hours. No gun use is good here.

Jack Kendrick said...

$3000? That is a lot of cash for most households. It makes me think drugs were somehow involved in this drama.