Wednesday, July 18, 2018

OH: Husband with Gun Expells Man with Hatchet from House

When the man bumped McClain and he awoke, that is when he saw the hatchet, he testified.

“He got up with the hatchet in his hand,” the man said. “I hit him on the head with my gun”

Then he and McClain fought and struggled through the house, according to the resident.

The man said he used some boxing skills to keep McClain at arm’s length. Eventually he was able to push McClain out the home’s back door. The man said he believes McClain came in that door, which may have been left unlocked.

When McClain made a move back toward the man, he said he fired a shot into the ground. He fired a second shot into the ground before McClain left his yard, he said.

During the incident the man said McClain was “swinging the hatchet.”
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