Monday, March 05, 2012

Another shooting in a "gun free zone"

I've been too busy for a while to pay much attention to the news. When I do, it's just the same old garbage, cycled and recycled, and rerecycled.

For that reason, I didn't hear or see much about the shooting of some high school "children" near Cleveland, Ohio last week. Allegedly, some other kid named T.J. Lane, disgruntled by bullies—the usual excuse these days for casting off the last remnants of civilization—or by his girlfriend being lured away from him (it depends on who you listen to), took an autopistol he had stolen to school and opened up inside the cafeteria.

So far, I've also successfully avoided hearing or seeing any of the round-heeled media, wringing their hands or asking each other—purely rhetorically; these vermin have no answers to this or any other question—who or what really killed all of those helpless, lovely "children". Believe me, I've heard it all before and I'm no longer interested.

But despite the phony answers, some real questions remain. Is the shooter, himself, to blame? Certainly. Nobody forced him to do it. He stole somebody's weapon, took aim, and pulled the trigger all by himself.

How about his parents? Should they have brought him up better? It's possible they're partly responsible. I'd have to know more. But in general, there comes a time, regardless of what your parents were like, when you must take charge—and responsibility—for your own actions.

What about the public school system, under which he, like many of the rest of us, was forced to suffer?


Permit me to illustrate with yet another recent event. It is in Canada that we find an answer we can begin work with, although the problem, as you'll soon recognize, is much more widely-spread than that.

There, in Kitchener, Ontario, a four-year-old girl (I remember my own daughter at four, and that makes this entire episode even more surrealistic that it seemed to begin with) drew a picture of a gun at school—whereupon her teachers, the administrators, and the local blue-clad thugs went what can only be described as "batshit crazy", and wound up strip-searching and arresting the girl's father. Later on—being a Canadian and also too dumb to live—he voluntarily and idiotically allowed these agents of cultural genocide to search his home.

Now in any school I'd voluntarily associate with (my daughter never set foot in any public school and shot her first gun at age 2 1/2), this punk would have raised his weapon in the cafeteria and been gunned down immediately by 47 schoolmates and a handful of teachers. It's exactly the same safety "system" that would have saved the 9/11 airliners.

Instead, thanks to exercises in insanity like the one in Canada, kids are not only denied the means of self-defense, they're punished harshly—along with their parents, it appears—for even thinking about them.


Seattle man killed would-be robber during drug deal: "A Seattle man alleged to have killed a man earlier this year during an attempted drug robbery has been charged with gun crimes, but not murder. Prosecutors claim Omar S. Tweedy shot and killed 30-year-old Tirone J. Finkley on Jan. 9 after Finkley attempted to rob him during a marijuana sale. Murder charges are not being pursued in the case, largely because of the self-defense claim. Arrested by Seattle police in early February, Tweedy, a convicted felon, has since been charged in U.S. District Court with unlawful gun possession and drug crimes. Both men were inside a car preparing to make the drug deal when Finkley drew a pistol and demanded Tweedy hand over all the drugs and money he was carrying. “Come on man, come on,” Finkley said just before Tweedy opened fire, according to a witness account. “Don’t do it!”

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