Friday, March 02, 2012

TX: Man shot foster daughter in self-defense: "A man shot his adult foster daughter in what police are calling an apparent case of self-defense. Investigators say the 23-year old woman was wielding a knife when her foster father shot her in the head. That man was taken in for questioning by police, though not charged and not arrested. Police say the 65-year-old man shot his foster daughter, Tammy Sue Zaleta, 23, after she charged at him with a kitchen knife while inside their home here. Houston Police Sgt. M.L.Meeler said, "She was having some kind of fit. She came at him with a knife. He was able to get his pistol and defended himself." Police found that knife inside the home. Police say it is believed Zaleta was under the influence of narcotics at the time of the incident. They are investigating whether that was an issue here. In the last year, Houston police have been called to the home three other times. Police tell us Zaleta was gravely injured. She is listed in critical condition."

UT: Householder kills crazy Hispanic: "He trudged through the snow Thursday morning, trying 20 doors before he was able to find one he could break into. Then the intruder made himself at home. He removed his wet clothing and put on some clothes that had been folded in a pile on the sofa. In the kitchen, he found ingredients to make a ham-and-tortilla wrap. He put the leftovers in the family’s refrigerator. At 2:45 a.m., the intruder went upstairs and woke the couple who lived in the home, said Springville police Lt. David Caron. He told them he had a stolen gun and demanded they get out of bed. He ordered them to get their wallets and take him to an ATM. So the husband went to his closet. "The suspect thought he was going to get his wallet, but instead, he grabbed his handgun," Caron said. The husband shot the intruder once in the chest. The man died at the scene.Police identified the dead man as 31-year-old Armando Martinez Jr., whose last known address was in Provo."

KY: Self-defense ruled in fatal shooting: "Police in northern Kentucky say a fatal shooting in which a man shot his stepfather was self-defense. Covington Police spokesman Lt. Col. Spike Jones said 24-year-old Cody Stafford and 43-year-old David Rains were fighting inside the home Sunday when the shooting occurred. Police and the prosecutor's office reviewed the case for two days before coming to the conclusion that the shot was fired in self-defense. Prosecutor Rob Sanders says Stafford fired the fatal shot at Rains only after Rains had fired a gun at him and missed."

KY: Jealous man shot and slightly wounded: "On Thursday morning, Adams said, Robin Stout went from her home on Water Street in Borden to show a puppy to her parents, who live in the 600 block of West Main Street, Adams said. On the way, she told investigators, she ran into Zweydorff at a convenience store in town, and he accompanied her to her parents’ home. David Stout also went to the parents’ home, where he saw Zweydorff in the driveway and an argument reportedly ensued. Adams said Stout had a .38-caliber revolver in his truck but denied pointing the weapon at Zweydorff. When investigators arrived, David Stout was still in his truck bleeding from his forehead, Adams said, and he was flown by helicopter to University Hospital in Louisville. Zweydorff and Robin Stout were questioned by police and Zweydorff was released, Adams said, because their statements and the evidence support the view that Zweydorff acted in self-defense."

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