Thursday, March 08, 2012

The police don't like Good Samaritans

They are not your friends

The man who shot a would-be robber at a grocery store is upset police won't give him his gun back.

The Milwaukee County District Attorney cleared Nazir Al-Mujaahid of any criminal wrongdoing.

Al-Mujaahid fired inside the Milwaukee Aldi on Jan. 30th. Police took his gun during the investigation.

Al-Mujaahid said three times he's asked police to return the weapon. "Not only is it frustrating -- it's disheartening, because now I'm feeling like the legal system is coming down on me for some reason," Al-Mujaahid said.

In a statement, Milwaukee Police spokeswoman Anne Schwartz wrote, "Milwaukee Police continue to investigate the armed robbery of a north side grocery store on Jan. 30, 2012.

The robbery suspects were arrested and charged. A customer who discharged his personal firearm and struck one of the suspects was cleared by the DA's office in the shooting. The gun used by that customer is still considered evidence in the armed robbery case."


AL: Elderly man shoots robber in self defense: "Phenix City police are investigating an afternoon shooting where the victim took matters into his own hands. It happened around 3 pm Wednesday. Witnesses told police the two suspects had committed an armed robbery but during the incident one of the suspects was shot by the victim. He was taken to the Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries. The driver of the vehicle, 18-year old Anthony Thomas [above], was arrested and charged with robbery. The passenger, who is a juvenile, also faces criminal charges upon his release."

OH: Carryout clerk charged for shooting, killing robber: "Two men tried to hold up a carryout, and the clerk fired back. One of the would-be robbers was shot and killed, and now the clerk is facing a charge. It all stems from an incident that happened November 21, 2011. Toledo police say two men walked into the Express Carryout on the 1900 block of Mulberry Street and tried to rob the clerk. According to investigators, the clerk pulled out a gun. Autopsy results show Lamar Allen, who was 25, died after he was shot more than 10 times. His alleged accomplice, Joseph Hunter, faced a judge two months later. Hunter is facing multiple felony charges and is behind bars on a half million dollar bond. His pretrial is set for this Friday. And now the clerk who shot the alleged robber is facing a charge as well. Bandar Abu-Karsh, 28, was arraigned inside Lucas County Common Pleas Court Wednesday."

A private solution to state failure in Britain: "The ability of the police to help to defend the citizenry to the extent that all the population regardless of income may enjoy security from crime is a myth put about by the police federation, the policeman’s trade union and their political masters. However, law abiding citizens need not pay the price of the state’s failure to perform one its most basic function. Liberalizing the UK’s laws on firearms would provide immediate private protection where government protection fails."

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