Sunday, February 03, 2013

Feds Seize Collectors Antique gun Collection, look for Something to Charge him With

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) - A federal search warrant affidavit outlines the massive raid that seized nearly 1,500 firearms from the home and business of an Albuquerque man and why the feds were after him.

Last week rifles lined the lawn of a northeast Albuquerque home that belonged to Robert Adams. Homeland Security Investigations was also busy loading hundreds of handguns into boxes.

It took federal agents days to log every weapon seized into evidence.

Four search warrants filed Thursday show the HSI investigators seized nearly 900 firearms from Adams' home. There were 548 handguns and 317 rifles listed in the warrant return inventory.

They also searched his office that day taking 599 pistols and revolvers.

Adams has not been charged with any crimes although Homeland Security said the investigation is not over yet.

Neighbors said Adams was a gun collector, and some heard he was a licensed gun seller, too.

Federal investigators confirm that. However, they're also investigating him for possible gun smuggling, tax evasion and violating importation laws.


From the comments:

"Bob Adams is one of the most reputable firearms collectors in the Southwest. His knowledge and collection is varied and wide ranging. He has a Relics and Curios FFL which allows him to buy and sell ANTIQUE weapons. Something stinks here. I've known the man 20 years or more. Almost ALL of the weapons confiscated(stolen by the feds) were collectible pieces. It's all he dealt in, rare and unique collectibles. To me, this looks like the BATF going after one of the last "home businesses" they can find.."

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Dean Weingarten said...

These are Stalinesqe tactics. Seize 1500 guns from a prominent collector of antiques, then look for something to charge him with?

There are so many laws on the books that they will find something. This does not sound like law enforcement. This sounds like domestic terrorism by the government.

Anonymous said...

Your patriot act in action who and what is next