Sunday, February 03, 2013

Is the Obama gun pic a total fake?

Interesting that Obama advisor Plouffe immediately tweeted that the pic would be seen as photoshopped.  Guilty conscience?

I immediately sensed something odd in Obama's stance in the photo  but my experience is with military firearms only.  I have never been skeet shooting.  So I held my tongue.

But the graphics below put a whole new spin on the story  -- JR

Obama's busy day

And note further, Here is a picture from the AP of Obama on Aug 4th - look at the watch:

"Look at the watch he is wearing in the shooting pic... how many people change watches during the day from a golfing watch to a shooting watch?"



A comment I saw on Facebook:

"Several things wrong with this. Photoshopped to add supposed fired shot? Yeh, looks like.  While he mimics a decent approximation of a proper cheek weld, he's obviously NOT fired the shotgun at this point. He's shouldered it (awkwardly--if he had fired the thing, his glenohumeral joint would have been badly impacted) and posed to fire it, but since the gun is virtally level, he's obviously NOT actually aiming at a clay. The standard, normal RIGHT way to shoot skeet is swing-shoulder-shoot. It's what experienced skeet shooters just naturally do, if they've been taught by anyone who knows their stuff--or even _watched_ good skeet shooters.

It's an obviously posed (and later 'shopped) pic. He's had a little coaching for the pose (the so-so cheek weld), but either he didn't listen well (a "normal" problem with excessively egocentric personalities) or wasn't coached enough to make his claim of skeet shooting "all the time" believable."


Wireless.Phil said...

It looks fake to me and here is why.

I Ohio, and several other states, ALL TOY guns must have an orange tip on the end of the barrel.

Take a look at the end of Obama's shotgun. Do you see an orange tip?

Also the smoke from the blast, why is it going off the side of the barrel at a right angle and further back from the barrel end than it should?

Plus the shouldering of the stock is not perfect, but it might work, but you'd be sore in the morning.

AND is Obama right handed or left handed? Where or how he chooses to ware his watch is meaningless.

Guav said...

A much more likely explanation than the picture being "fake" is simply that Dan Pfeiffer got the date wrong.