Friday, May 15, 2015

NC: Firefighter Found Justified

· Cochran and Troutman stated Pittarelli immediately started talking loudly and aggressively, and seemed agitated.

· Troutman noticed Pittarelli had no shirt or shoes on and was wearing only basketball shorts. Pittarelli advanced on Troutman and Cochran yelling loudly at both of them to shake his hand. Troutman made a slight hand movement to do this. Pittarelli then aggressively advanced towards Cochran, while continuing to yell and demand Cochran shake his hand.

· Cochran moved the hand gun from his right hand to his left hand. He indicates he did this so he could shake hands. At this point Pittarelli apparently noticed the handgun and became enraged beginning to shout “are you going to shoot me” and “kill me you (obscenity).

· Cochran retreated back away from Pittarelli towards the front of his truck. Troutman moved between to the two men, asking Pittarelli to leave.

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