Friday, May 15, 2015

SA:Girlfriend fires 2 Shots at Armed Home Invaders; video

In this video from South Africa, we see the clear utility of an alarm system and or a dog.   Neither were available in this case, and it was only luck or God that aided the armed residents.  The cats were useless.

Link to video

With today's technology, audio would be an easy addition. 

The residents are armed with revolvers, likely five shot revolvers, because the frame appears fairly small.   It is something to consider that there were three invaders, and the woman fired two shots, without any obvious hits.  Clearly, more firepower is called for.

I believe that it is easier to obtain the very restrictive firearms permits for revolvers in South Africa than for semi-autos.   AK-47s are said to be cheap on  the black market, but that does not help law abiding people, who are vigorously prosecuted for "gun crimes".

The crime rate in South Africa is one of the highest in the world.

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Wireless.Phil said...

Need range time and semiautos.
Was on Right This Minute after the noon news today.

Wireless.Phil said...

Knew crime is bad in S. Africa, didn't think much about it when there for 1 month, but never left the hotel at night either.

Wireless.Phil said...

Brazil pretty bad two. Watched an armed robbery right during a live TV broadcast on the streets.

That takes a pair!