Friday, May 15, 2015

TX: Public Hearing on Licensed Open Carry in Senate on Monday, 18 May, 2015

Texas open carry is moving again.  Because the licensed open carry bill had an amendment added in the House, the process in the Senate needs to be repeated.   The amendment seems to be simple common sense.  Police may not harass open carriers unless there is a crime involved.   Stopping them to check on a license is not allowed, just the same way that automobile drivers may not be stopped simply to check on their license.  Texas is only one of six states that does not allow the open carry of modern handguns in most public locations.

In the Senate, HB 910 with the House Amendment has been referred to the Senate State affairs committee.  It is scheduled for a public hearing on 18 May, 2015.

If the Senate as a whole can be brought to vote on the bill, and accept the House amendment, it can be engrossed and sent to Governor Abbott for signature.

Given the high level of public support for the bill, and the high level of media antagonism for it, the potential is there for it to be delayed until the legislature adjourns. 

Movement to a public hearing seems a positive step toward passage.

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