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UT: Armed Man Stops Crime Spree, Media notices!

A small number of violent criminals commit a large number of violent crimes.   These criminals only recognize naked force;  sometimes the person with a gun who stops them is a victim who is armed; sometimes it is a concerned citizen; sometimes it is the police.  In this case in Utah, the criminal committed multiple crimes in one morning, with multiple warrants for his arrest pending prior to that.  From
FOX 13 News’ Robert Boyd reports a resident of an apartment was nearly hit at some point as the suspects drove through a grassy area during their escape.

“I could have been hit, I was standing right here and they came up and the officer just followed pursuit,” Witness Rae Eddy said.

Police said the suspects’ vehicle stopped in the area of 1010 South and 400 East after they hit a curb. Surveillance footage shows the five people exiting the vehicle. A 26-year-old male suspect stole a pickup truck from a home in that area and the other four left the area on foot.


“Subject gets out of the truck, goes over and pulls the lady out of the silver Mercedes, starts to get in the car, she’s screaming for help,” said Captain Ned Jackson of the Orem Police Department.
It was at this point that an armed, 31 year old citizen intervened.  He forced the violent criminal from the Mercedes at gunpoint.  As in most felonies, the criminal does not appear to have been armed with a firearm.   That did not stop him from attempting yet another reckless, violent act.  He lunged at the person who was stopping him; presumably in an attempt to escape responsibility for his actions.

An attempt to disarm a person with a gun is in itself a deadly threat.

The armed citizen fired, stopping the crime spree.    The suspect later died of his injuries.

I write of these sorts of incidents everyday at Gun Watch.  They are not an uncommon occurrence.   What is uncommon is much media coverage of them.    It is amazing, and gratifying, that the AP allowed itself to cover this story, and even more incredible that the Washington Post ran it.   The common media narrative is that such things do not happen.   Just ask Shannon Watts, head of Michael Bloomberg's organization, Moms Demand Action.

In the 1990's, as criminologists discovered that defensive use of firearms was far more common than previously thought, interest in disarming the public waned.   This was  assisted by the enormous defeat the disarmists suffered at the polls in 1994.  

To overcome the findings of criminologists and economists, the disarmists have turned to the medical model.    By attempting to turn disarmament into a "public health issue" they seek to avoid any discussion of the benefits of people owning guns.   The "public health" model "research" has hitherto avoided any attempts at cost/benefit ratio, deliberately ignoring the criminological and economic research already done.

If the old media stops spiking self defense stories, the claim that there are no benefits to gun ownership fails.

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