Thursday, June 04, 2015

AZ: Open Carry at Bank in Yuma

I had to do some business at a local bank today.   I was reminded that some people find it unusual to openly carry holstered guns into banks.  Of course, we have been conditioned to pay no attention to the practice when someone in a uniform does it.   In the early 1980s, in military uniform, I and a brother-in-law carried full flap holsters into a bank in Madison, Wisconsin.  It was difficult to tell if there were 1911A1 .45 pistols in the holsters or not, and no one blinked.  In any case, it was not against the law. 

Here in Yuma, most banks do not ban the carry of weapons.   They do not wish to lose customers.

The staff at this bank drew the line at taking a picture of an armed man inside the premises.   They stated that for security reasons, it was policy not to take pictures inside.  They had the reasoned reluctance of a bureaucracy to not violate a clear policy themselves, as recorded by a digital device.

Such a policy makes little sense in the age of magnificent smart phone cameras.  I could have taken exceptional video of the entire lobby without anyone knowing, but I did not, because I was asked.   I contented myself with taking the above picture from outside the door.

I shifted the holstered pistol a bit to make sure it was in the picture, and the double image effect comes of using the bank doors as a mirror.    The bright sunshine and blue skies do a credible job of an advertisement for a second amendment friendly bank in Arizona.

Some people believe that federal law forbids the carry of firearms in banks.  I believe that is untrue, thought it is difficult to absolutely know all federal law and regulations.   From my study, if banks ban weapons, it is their choice to do so.   There may be bans at the state level that I am unaware of.  I have not found any in Arizona.   Alert readers are encouraged to cite statutes for other states in this regard. 

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