Saturday, June 06, 2015

GA: Rockdale Sherrif Calls Open Carrier Hero

Open carrier Todd Scott.

In the attempted mass shooting at the Conyers Magnet Package store, customer Todd Scott was openly carrying his Smith & Wesson 4013STW.   When the active shooter opened fire, Todd took cover, evaluated the situation, and returned fire.  At that point the active shooter left the store, returned to his parents home, and shot and wounded them.  Rockdale Sheriff Eric Levett said that Todd Scott was a Hero.  From

There were three customers, who weren't injured in the incident, inside the liquor store.
One customer, Todd Scott, returned fired from a handgun from the back of the store at Pitts, effectively saving the lives of those around him, according to Rockdale Eric Levett.
"I consider him to be a hero," said Levett about the 44-year-old Covington resident. "Although we did have a fatality at that location, he did save some other lives that were inside that business."
Levett wouldn't say how many times each victim was shot or if Scott, who has a Georgia license to carry weapons, made contact with Pitts.
It was reportedly the first time the Porterdale restaurant owner had had to fire his handgun.
"I'm not a hero. I just did what I thought should be done," Scott later told WSB-TV. "I definitely wasn't going to lie on the floor and take it."
More peace officers are speaking out in favor of armed citizens and the positive effects that they have on communities.   Sheriff Eric Levett joins other chief law enforcement officers such as Detroit's Chief Craig and urban county Sheriff's such as Milwaukee County's Sheriff Clarke.

When peace officers and armed citizens work together, they make an extremely effective combination.

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