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NV: Governor Sandoval Protects Children from Disarmist Educrats

In 2013, a seven year old student was suspended from school for chewing a pop-tart in the vague shape of a gun.   The story struck a nerve, and made national news.    Glen Harlan Reynolds, in a USA Today article, noted that students were suspended for even more ridiculous "offenses".  From
Meanwhile, a 5-year-old girl was charged with "terroristic threats" for talking about her pink toy gun that shoots . . . bubbles. The school suspended her for 10 days and required a psychological evaluation.
And in Maryland, boys were suspended for playing cops and robbers and using their fingers as imaginary guns. Who is frightened by this sort of thing? People who can't distinguish between fantasy and reality.
These insane results are understandable when you consider that the policies they are based on are aimed at indoctrinating children that "guns are bad" instead of being concerned with safety.

Nevada legislators had enough of such policies, and passed a law to prevent similar actions in their state.  On June 5th, 2015, Governor Sandoval signed the bill, AB 121, into law.

Full list of the bills signed into law today:
AB 8 AB 51 AB 121 AB 138
AB 178 AB 191 AB 206 AB 234
AB 328 AB 451 AB 477 SB 25
SB 56 SB 128 SB 137 SB 195
SB 250 SB 324 SB 330 SB 374
SB 414 SB 420 SB 422 SB 428
SB 488 SB 489 SB 498

Here is the summation of the law at the legislature web site.   From
Legislative Counsel’s Digest:
Existing law requires a school to suspend or expel a pupil for possessing a firearm or dangerous weapon while on the premises of any public school, attending an activity sponsored by a public school or on any school bus. (NRS 392.466) This bill prohibits a school from disciplining a pupil enrolled in kindergarten or grades 1 to 8, inclusive, for simulating a firearm or dangerous weapon while playing or for wearing clothing or accessories that depict a firearm or dangerous weapon or express an opinion regarding a constitutional right to keep and bear arms except in certain circumstances.
When the legislature feels compelled to protect the children of its state from being punished for depictions supporting the second amendment,  it shows that the disarmists are losing.   But such laws are merely a band aid approach.  Educators undermine the Constitution by such actions.  Those that do so should not be entrusted with the education of our children.

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