Thursday, June 11, 2015

TX: Followup; No Bill for man who shot Aggressive dog in dog Park

HOUSTON (AP) - A Houston-area man who was facing a charge of animal cruelty after he shot and killed a Staffordshire bull terrier at a dog park will not be prosecuted.

A Harris County grand jury on Monday declined to indict 27-year-old Joseph Potts.

Authorities say Potts, who is a concealed hand gun license owner, shot a 2-year-old bull terrier named Diesel at the Bay Area Dog Park in January. Potts told police that the dog was aggressive toward him, his wife and their two pets.

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Ghost Rider 6 said...

Why I also carry pepper gel. In this neck of the woods, if you shoot a dog you'll likely end up having to shoot the owner as well.

Anonymous said...

I worry about my German Shepard, she is way to friendly and will run up to any one to make friends and get petted she has no understanding of why someone might be frightened by her. My dog is just a big sweet heart. the only thing dangerous about her is her tongue baths. I'm sure she could do some real damage if the situation required it but she just wants to mother every other animal she meets. She acts like every other animal smaller than her is a puppy and just wants to make friends and play. She is capable of defending her self against an aggressive dog. A large pit bull came at her once and she squared off and it stopped in its tracks. I buy her cow leg bones to chew on and I have seen her bite them in two.