Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Account of Open Carry Trial in Arkansas

Eventually, Chambless’s trial began. Bald Knob City Attorney Don Raney, who served as prosecutor, provided an opening statement in which he explained that “we believe we can prove the necessary elements of carrying a weapon”; he referenced former Attorney General Dustin McDaniel’s largely irrelevant opinion on Act 746 in his opening statement, as he did several times during the trial.

Chambless’s defense attorney Shane Ethridge also made an opening statement, arguing that to prove that the defendant was breaking the law, the prosecution would have to demonstrate that the defendant was carrying a weapon with an unlawful purpose – so, Ethridge added, “in order to find him guilty, you’ve got to say that self-defense is illegal in the state of Arkansas.”

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Anonymous said...

I think I would appeal on the judge expressing an opinion during the trial. He stated he thought the law was ambiguous. there is no proof of guilt. Is the sheriff a designer of holsters. Is the mc donalds employee afraid to cross the street that is more dangerous than a holstered pistol. Using their theory any person afraid of guns is reason to destroy all guns. guns exist get used to it. I know crossing the street is more dangerous. I was hit in a marked cross walk.

Anonymous said...

ok they had court on September 8 2015...so what happened?

Bill from Detroit said...

Looks like a good chance to gut a bad law.