Thursday, September 03, 2015

WI:Edming Oil Welcomes CCW

Another business actively showing support for armed citizens.  This one is Edming Oil in the village of  Glen Flora, Wisconsin.   Glen Flora is a tiny village a few miles east of Ladysmith on Highway 8.  

In Wisconsin, business owners have an incentive to allow armed citizens on their premises.  By doing so, they gain a measure of legal protection to go with the physical protection.  They are protected from liability that is related to their decision.  

They do not have to put up  a "Welcome CCW" sign to obtain this protection, so putting up a sign shows ideological commitment to the Second Amendment, in a real way.  These signs are becoming more common around the country.  What is special about this case?

Edming Oil is owned by James W. "Jimmy Boy" Edming.  He was elected to the Wisconsin Assembly last year. 

The Citgo station is part of Edming Oil in Glen Flora Wisconsin.   Northern Wisconsin always reminded me of The Shire in The Lord of the Rings series.  Perhaps it is because I grew up there.   Edming Oil is within 60 miles of my birth place. 

Most State politicians in Wisconsin, outside of Milwaukee, Racine, and Madison, are part time projects, much as Jefferson envisioned.   

A state representative with a "Welcom CCW" sign on his business reflects that reality.

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