Wednesday, September 02, 2015

OK: First Time Shooter Drives off Three Invaders

Carmen Smith had never shot a gun before.  She used her recently acquired firearm to drive off three home invaders.  She did not hit any of the criminals, but the shots were enough to send them fleeing from the house.  From
"He was coming towards me. You know, like he was going to do something to me, harm me, and I was going to get him before he got me," she said.

The bullets didn't hit the burglars but got them out of her house.

The shots shattered a picture of Smith's family, left a hole in the front door and even hit the abandoned house across the street.

Smith said, "This was my first time ever shooting a gun, and I was scared."
She doesn't want to hurt anyone, but she does want to go to the gun range to become a better shooter.
A good sentiment.  I hope that Carmen follows through.  She has already demonstrated the most important ability necessary to surviving a criminal confrontation: the ability to accept the reality of what is happening, and to act on that information.  In an encouraging trend, Smith said the police commended her actions.

Smith said Tulsa Police are working to catch the burglars, and commended her for defending herself.

Guns are fairly simple mechanical devices.  Mastering them can take decades.  Learning enough to be useful?  Minutes.

As a common meme proclaims:  Handguns, the original point and click interface.

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Anonymous said...

They give you the ability to reach out and touch some one, before they can touch you.

91B4S said...

91B4S's three rules of armed self defense:
1. You must be willing to kill.
2. You must have absolute command of the weapon. If you can learn to use a keyboard or a washing machine, you can learn to use a firearm.
3. Your firearm must be readily at hand. Running to the next room to retrieve it can cost you your life.

I would add that SA, SITUATIONAL AWARENESS, must become second nature, operative at ALL times. Walk, look, anticipate, as if you were in a combat situation at all times (sad to say). Avoiding a crisis is much better than resolving one. Even then, it can happen to you at any time. TRAIN! CONSTANTLY. When it happens, that's ALL you've got to fall back on. How you train is how you'll act.

Keep the Faith.

A Mongoose said...

Good job girl,
now log some range time so that next time it will be DSAFF.