Saturday, October 03, 2015

Bear Spray Failure? Video

Mary Maley was taking a solo kayak trip from Ketchikan, Alaska to Petersburg, Alaska.  That is a 150 mile trip by sea, which is the only viable transportation route, other than by air.

The bear first appeared near the kayak.  Mary stepped out of the forest service cabin door to see what was happening.  The bear started to approach her, and she thanked the bear for leaving her kayak alone.  The bear kept coming at her, she threatened to pepper spray it, then she pepper sprayed the bear.  It stopped approaching her, but went back to the kayak and damaged it in spite of Mary's entreaties.  You can see the bear shaking its head to rid itself of the effects of the bear spray as it goes back to damaging the kayak.

Link to video

It is not clear if this should be considered a bear spray failure or a success.  The bear stopped coming at her; she was not physically, immediately harmed.  On the other hand, the spray was not enough to stop the damage to her only form of transportation many miles away from help or civilization.  She might have been in serious trouble, if not for the sailboat in  the background.

It would have been better if she had shot the bear. It is obviously a problem bear that will either be shot now or cause some serious problems and be shot later. She did not have a gun, perhaps because of all the propaganda in the Schools and the media.  She was in Berg Bay, 22 miles Southeast of Wrangell, AK, so she was about 100 miles into her trip.

As for talking to the bear, how many of us have talked to inanimate objects when under stress?

“Come on car, just make it to the next exit! Come on baby, I promise to get you tuned up and an oil change!”

This may be a wake-up call for her.

Any woman that is doing a long distance solo sea kayak trip, is no wall flower.
I would like to meet her (and teach her to shoot, if she does not know, already).

A facebook poster alleges that this is the woman who goes with the kayak and bear video.

Bear spray failure?  You be the judge.

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Anonymous said...

I commend this woman for being alert and prepared for a bear encounter - even if all she had was pepper spray.

However, this is another example of the limitations of using pepper spray against an attacker. This attack was only temporarily halted, and the attacker was able redirect to another object of opportunity.

When an attacker (it could have been 2-legged instead of a 4) begins destroying a vital survival resource, you don't try to reason with it. The only response is to use whatever force is necessary to stop the assault, up to, and including lethal.

Yet, somehow, I think this woman is most likely hoplophobic, who, even if she 'stooped' to carrying a firearm of some sort, would never use it against a 'poor, defenseless bear'.

Wireless.Phil said...

Saw it on TV.
Sorry, but she sounded so fake.
We all know the bear doesn't understand human language, but she kept "playing it up" for the camera.

Everyone wants to have a viral video now in hopes it will get them on TV or that YouTube will pay them for the number of views they get.

If people like that sort of thing, they can have it, I'm not impressed by it.

Wireless.Phil said...

The video plays, but I had to click it twice.

Hand-made spear used to kill Anchorage bear at homeless camp; man cited
Casey Grove / KTUU
POSTED: 12:10 PM AKDT Oct 02, 2015 UPDATED: 04:13 PM AKDT Oct 02, 2015

Anonymous said...

LOL! Yeah, I saw the video on Mrs. rktman's facebook. The only thing that came to mind was her pleading with the bear to stop and compare that to trying to reason with liberals. I don't work.

Wireless.Phil said...

She asked for it, or maybe she didn't.

One of several.